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NJLECOA Health Plan Conversion

See the attached information regarding the health plan conversion.
Download: coltr0222-njlesa-njlecoa-health-plan-conversion.pdf

Covid -19 Update from NJDOC

COVID -19 UPDATE from NJDOC   (1) based on current Covid-19 data within the NJDOC, the Department is planning to resume certain "soft reopenings" on April 1.  This does not currently include visits, nor does it permit volunteers or visitors into the facilities.

PERC Decision COD

Here is the PERC Decision for interim relief for the closing of the COD. Thank you to all of those members who gave input and the information we utilized to make our arguements! It truly was a team effort.
Download: IR-2021-020 PERC Decision COD.pdf

Open Childcare for first responders!

The Coalition of Custody Unions, NJLECOA, NJSOA, NJLESA, PBA 105, request the opening of child care for first responders. Staff can not report to work with the schools closed and child care facilities.
Download: Coalition Letter-Child Care 3.26.2020.pdf

Public Safety Officers Benefit Program

Public Safety Officers' Benefits (PSOB) Program provides death and education benefits to survivors of fallen law enforcement officers

February 28, 2024
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Covid -19 Update from NJDOC
Posted On: Apr 01, 2021
(1) based on current Covid-19 data within the NJDOC, the Department is planning to resume certain "soft reopenings" on April 1.  This does not currently include visits, nor does it permit volunteers or visitors into the facilities.  Rather, you may recall the "soft reopenings" that previously took place, including:
  • certain DeptCor shops re-opened following DOH and CDC guidance with limited #s of inmates, social distanced, PPE and sanitization - including clothing shops, shoe shop, wood & concrete shop, print shop, sign shop, textile shop and the warehouse.
  • inter-institutional transfers are permitted following DOH and CDC guidance, along with universal testing and appropriate quarantine measures of 14 days at the receiving facility.  Inmates to be transferred must test negative for Covid-19 prior to transfer. Again, all transports are via social distancing, proper PPE and sanitization.
  • The Department will continue to monitor the Covid-19 data, and transport county jail inmates when appropriate - again utilizing DOH and CDC guidance, quarantine procedures and Covid-19 testing.
  • there will be a gradual increase of indoor recreation while adhering to the Governor's directives concerning recreation activities and gathering in a socially distanced manner
  • mental health clinical programs, Gateway and the Office of Substance Abuse Programming and Addiction Services will begin to resume individualized treatment and small group programs following DOH/CDC guidelines with social distancing, PPE and sanitization. Smaller group spaces are permitted no more than 5 inmates in attendance, with large group spaces enabling up to 10 inmates participating.
  • The Division of Programs will resume two programs on a smaller scale - Focus on the Victim and STARS - both in a social distanced setting following proper PPE and sanitization and in accordance with DOH/CDC and Governor's congregate setting requirements.  Both programs will adhere to not permitting more than 5 inmates to participate in smaller rooms and no more than 10 inmates participating in large areas.
  • Chaplaincy services will also gradually resume worship services and Islamic classes - again following the foregoing CDC/DOH/gathering guidelines with PPE, sanitization and social distancing with the same foregoing limits of up to 5 or 10 attendees based on room size.
  • SFEA students and ABE courses will be permitted face-to-face educational instruction on a weekly basis, with independent work on alternate weeks.  Again, classes will have the same attendee limits and follow the DOH/CDC guidelines with proper PPE, sanitization and social distancing.
The Department will consistently monitor the Covid-19 data to ensure the health, safety and welfare of the staff and inmates.  Said data will guide the soft reopening measures, whether the measures continue or whether it is necessary to dial back.
(2) the body worn camera pilot continues to proceed at EMCF.  As discussed, AXON will be on site at EMCF this week for the "train the trainer" instruction.  We look forward to meeting with you to discuss further the BWC program, discuss the IMP, answer questions, etc.
(3) Dry cell placement contraband system - You may all recall the discussions regarding the dry cell placement contraband containment system, and the review of the "drugloo" system.  At this time, and through working with various departments and agencies, including the Department of Labor/P-OSHA, the Department has purchased a contraband containment system that will be piloted at GSYCF.  We anticipate arrival of the system within the next few weeks, and will ensure that you are fully briefed, included in a Q&A, discussion of IMP/guidelines, and if Covid restrictions do not prohibit the same - the opportunity to view the system.  We will keep you updated.
(4) Training update - Kudos to the CSTA and to all of your members for compliance with recent law establishing 20 hours of in-service training, including 4 hours of training in prevention of sexual misconduct, non-fraternization and manipulation.  The law was effective on February 1, 2021, and all custody staff (minus those on leaves) will have received the 4 hours of prevention of sexual misconduct, PREA, undue familiarity, manipulation and related training by the end of March.  The CSTA remains on track to complete the additional 16 hours for all staff - along with additional training opportunities.  
In addition, at this time, slightly under 1,000 staff members have engaged in gender responsive training, including all staff at EMCF, CTU, and SOG.  The training will continue to be given to all recruits, and continue to roll out departmentally.
One last training note - the Department and the CSTA are diligently working to secure a "learning management system" that will enable staff to take advantage of online training opportunities, from DOC trainings to a variety of additional training opportunities.  We will keep you posted as the LMS develops.
(5) Finally, the EMCF hearing with the Assembly committees is scheduled for April 8.  Due to prep sessions, it is necessary for the Department to temporarily reschedule the "roundtable" currently scheduled for April 6.  We apologize for the inconvenience, and you will be contacted shortly by the Commissioner's support staff to secure another date for the "roundtable."  We are looking forward to meeting.

New Jersey Law Enforcement Commanding Officers Association
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